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Cringiest kiruv story cliches

2020.07.29 07:45 SimpleMan418 Cringiest kiruv story cliches

I started thinking of some of these, which include some really absurd ones, today. I think I’ve seen all of these multiple times.
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2019.11.11 04:23 sailorpina What should I call myself? And more so, what should I call my family?

Hi friends, long time lurker, first time poster.
I grew up in an orthodox household (shomer shabbat, shomer negiah, tzniut, all my brothers + dad had peyot, my mom wore a sheitel, we davened together literally everyday, the whole works) in Europe. After 17, I left for college in the US.
I didn’t necessarily “wild out” in college (I’m still in college for reference), but I definitely wanted to experiment with different observance levels of Judaism. I dated Jewish boys, but hooked up with nonJews. I wore a bikini (!! big deal for 18 y/o me), I started driving to services at a conservative shul, but then just stopping going altogether. I then embarked on a career that my mother felt “would not allow me the fulfill the mitzvah of being a mother fully” for whatever that may mean. I’m not going to be a stripper or anything, just a time consuming labor intensive career. I even celebrated my first spring break at South Padre. I called myself modern orthodox or conservative depending on how “Jewish I was being” that particular week.
Now I’m getting married to a Jewish man who grew up with practically no observance. He stopped going to hebrew school in primary school and celebrated Christmas with his dad. He didn’t even have a bar mitzvah. But we’ve decided to become more observant together since we’d like to raise orthodox children together. For me that’s just going back to how I used to live with the addition of covering my hair and visits to the mikveh, and for him it’s learning a lot of new things. We started going to services at Chabad and will probably even get married there since we’ve both a fan of Rabbi + Rebbe’s teachings.
Post getting married, what do we call ourselves? I would like to say we’re orthodox, but can we say call ourselves that if he never had a bar mitzvah (although he will wear a tallit + kittel at our wedding and tefillin on shabbos)? I’m not a big fan of the Modern Orthodox “title” at this time since some of the beliefs aren’t what we align with. My future mother-in-law thinks we’re both Chabadniks now but I’m honestly not sure what qualifies one as such. Sure we like the Tanya but there’s more to it right?
At the end of the day I know it’s not super important but it’s nice to know where we align between the streams. And also for clarification between them all I guess.
TLDR; I’m orthodox, he was reform, we’re getting married, what are we?
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2019.04.04 04:25 snogo Tefillin Date

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2019.02.20 22:51 aggie1391 Being in the middle of giyyur sucks and I just want to be done

So I got approval from my sponsoring a couple months ago to date, even before I'm done with my geirus. GREAT! This last weekend, had an amazing time in NYC with an amazing young woman who I get along with very well and we're both very excited to see where it goes.
Problem: Apparently the numerous questions from the parents of the two girls now I've gone out with (one flopped last month, the other is from this past weekend) made my sponsoring wonder if his approval was the right decision. So he asked the av beis din, who sees dating before completion as a hard no, and the approval to date has now been walked back.
I just want to be done so I don't have to worry about this kind of freaking BS, and because I really want to date this girl and see where it goes. I don't want to have to say "No, sorry, we don't actually have a minyan yet" anymore, I want to put on tefillin, everything. I know she is very hopeful about this too, but also doesn't want to mess things up for me. BE"H she'll be willing to wait, hopefully for just another month or a few at most, but that just seems terrible to ask of her. I'm wondering if phone calls would count, or just going to see each other? I don't want to mess things up with my geirus or with her, there's very real possibility there.
Anyone who has finished their geirus have tips on how to push for an end? Obviously anyone in process wants to be done, but my sponsoring has repeatedly said to me and others that I'm a model candidate and I've been in for over a year, so why should it be any later than my meeting next month? But how do I phrase that and push for a mikvah date?
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2018.09.09 16:57 finnishjewish FOO/GM's "strong religious values" (gag) and the kind of man I *SHOULD* be looking for

My GM's at it again, llamas, and just in time too for Rosh Hashanah. This time it's mostly BEC stuff, but I'm now sick with the flu (thanks, uncle, for passing your travel bug) and everything is annoying the hell out of me. It's all about how I need a godly man -- but not right now.
I'm also in a slightly better place mentally since my last post, even if everything around me is a clusterfuck and I'm still struggling to find my way out, so I appreciate the support I got in my last post.
So anyway, now you have the gist of where this is going, let me throw in the monkey wrench riding on the elephant in the room: my religion. Or rather, the religion they do not know I have, llamas.
I was raised WASPy, but was never comfortable with it. Through my XH, who was atheist Jewish immigrant, I became exposed to Jewish traditions and, much to his irritation and continual protestations, I fell in love with Judaism. I think it has to do with the fact that FOO's crazy has tainted all of FOO's traditions (of which there were few anyways), so I felt a bit unmoored and lacking in roots to call my own. Ultimately, I consider myself an agnostic Jewish convert, which I realize gets a little confusing so if you are curious and have questions I am happy to answer, but basically I don't think there's a higher power quite as described in the Torah/Bible but feel grounded by the traditions and rituals that Judaism offers me and I enjoy incorporating them into my life. Judaism makes me feel like I have a home.
So if you know much about Judaism, you know that Jews don't really go around all day long "denying Christ" and all that. Judaism is a historically-centered religion and as far as interfaith compatibility with Christianity is concerned it works super well. I have never put thought into "denying Christ" or actively arguing for or against his existence. It's not even on my radar.
Following my divorce, GM would ask me every few months if I'd converted to Judaism. Each time I have assured her that, no, I haven't. A few times I tried to argue in favor of me dating another Jewish guy to get her comfortable with the idea, which at one point I was very open to (more on that in a bit), but she was so wrapped up in the whole "denying Christ" nonsense that I just let it drop.
Now, crammed in this hotel room with my uncle and GM, you llamas might've heard me say that GM likes to watch Fox News and yell at the tv. I will not share my political views because this is not the place for that, but GM and uncle are total Trump fans, except for Ivanka. I don't know much about Ivanka to form an opinion on her, except that she converted to Judaism to marry her husband. Whenever she comes on tv, my uncle sneers and goes off on a tirade about how she "denied Christ for money" and how she'll burn in hell and all this shit. It's an extremely anti-Semitic rant, deeply unsettling to listen to, and I am actually a bit scared to know what would happen if they found out about my conversion while I'm still living here.
(My uncle is the kind of man who has read the Bible so much he has like his own parameters for when he thinks the end times are coming by like counting popes and shit like that and, surprise surprise, we're on the cusp of it. He actually said that he hopes the rapture will come before he needs serious dental work. When I burst out laughing, he yelled and screamed at me that I wasn't taking the rapture seriously and he was going to have to "go to God" on my behalf to apologize.)
There's also the issue of my agnosticism, which they don't know about either. I really feel like if they discovered either some kind of serious "intervention" would be staged. Said agnosticism is the limiting factor in me dating a Jewish man.
Recently, GM and I were watching those wedding shows on TLC (yes, it's either yelling at Fox News, the exact same house over and over and over again on HGTV, or now one of the wedding shows) and she commented on how I had to get married in a church and I had to "cover up" for the ceremony because I had "to be respectful to God".
Full stop.
Firstly, before my most recent SO, who is a well-kept secret, I did not even ever want to get married again. Secondly, I will never, ever get married in a church, and I said as much. (Between you and me, llamas, there's gonna be a whole bunch of Jewish shit going down if I get married again. SO is totally down for this if it were to be with him. Kilts and tefillin? Yes please.)
She did total CBF and said, "Well, what if you marry someone who wants to get married in a church? You need to marry a godly man."
So I leveled with her. I told her straight up that if FH so desperately wants to get married in a church, that is not the FH for me. And I was probably going to marry an atheist or agnostic, as they were the kinds of people I jived with the best. (There's a lot of good religious people out there, llamas, but they're hard to find in the scheme of whole package I'm looking for.) Again, total CBF, but she perked up and said, "I'm not going to give up on you!"
I looked at her askance and said there was nothing to give up on, that I would be happy with whomever I ended up with, religious or not, marriage or not. I asked why it was so important to her that I marry someone who wanted to get married in a church or professed to be a "godly man" if they truly were a good person.
Then, in a moment of cringe that is seared upon my memory, she leaped up and cried, "BECAUSE JESUS IS THE WAY, THE LIGHT, AND THE TRUTH!"
My jaw hit the floor and I spoke without thinking. "You sound absolutely indoctrinated."
She was very bitter about that, because that's what I used to tell her when she'd get mad at me for being with XH because he was Jewish (she never knew about the atheist part) and how would we raise baaaaaabies???? (No matter how much I insisted I was fucking childfree, she was adamant I'd change my mind or have an oops and then how would we raise the spawn? I had discussed this with XH who dearly wanted kids [one of the many reasons we split] and we had agreed if I ever changed my mind that spawn would be exposed to all the things and then given the option to pick, but this was unacceptable to her, because basically they could pick the wrong thing.
As a child, I had severe anxiety to the point of full-blown panic attacks about the second coming. I don't want kids and I actively plan against them, but if I ever were to have one through adoption or some fluke or delayed baby brain I would never want that child to go through what I went through.)
"Well," she finally said, "There's plenty of time for you to grow and change your mind. You shouldn't date right now anyway, not until you are healthy and back on track." She's adamant about delaying me dating until I am "healthy" knowing full well that bipolar and fibromyalgia are not like a sinus infection and you don't just get over them with bed rest and some antibiotics. I think it has to do with the fact that nobody else in the family besides my uncle has ever really had relationships and they actually delay and put off when they will start dating because of all kinds of ridiculous things. GM was married, but GF turned out to be bipolar alcoholic and abusive, so that ended and she holed up and her kids holed up and not much else happened. "Back on track" is her buzzword for me having my life just how they want it, because surely that's the only normal healthy way to live.
Do you llamas want a final nom for the road? My uncle the "godly man" has admitted cheating on multiple long-term girlfriends, including at least two women he had intended to marry. His excuse? "It was New York; of course I was going to do it. Everyone is, and I thought they were cheating on me. But I only did it with single women, because I never wanted anybody to do that to me in a relationship." Um, okay. And here I felt bad because I forgot to take down my dormant OkCupid profile for like 2 months after I started dating current SO.
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2018.08.12 21:54 iminterestingplease Part 36

Slowing down a little bit. Sorry again.
6160.(Music Lyrics change.)"Beaten what for? (What for?)"/"Beaten why for? (Why for?)"(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these celebrities being much different?(Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, David Letterman, and Jim Carrey?)(Video below.)(N-Sync/*NSYNC)(Was there name spelled differently?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Tons of pink, and green phenomenon going on in videos, and other stuff.)(New Michael Jackson concert, and video with Reggie Miller, Macaulay Culkin, Elizabeth Taylor, and Liza Minnelli, and moonwalking wasn't invented by him, and it goes back much farther, and break dancing goes back much farther, and he no longer always wears the glove on his left hand.)(Grandma's Cookies taste much different.)(Do you remember Led Zeplin, or Led Zepelin?)(Kurt Russel/Kurt Russell)(Other spellings?)(King Tut tomb keeps changing.)(Lots of different ways people remember Krispy Kreme being spelled.)(Cats, and dolphins playing together.)(Does Cher look different than before?)(Cats with very baby blue eyes.)(Very large turtles showing up on beaches.)(Some scenes in Passengers have changed.)(Freelance & Programming Tips And Tricks/Freelance & Programming Tipx And Trix)(As in the Facebook group.)(Is the whole thing with Program vs. Programme, and everything similar to it in terms of spelling off?)(Lots of Scott Harrison, mandela quantum effects, and Mandela Affected videos being affected by the green, and pink.)(New weird episodes of The Twilight Zone popping up.)(Does the Supergirl logo look off?)(The lungs go farther up.)(Cat with human-like face.)(Modernized font in Hi-Chew commercial.)(The Mike Tyson fight where he bit the ear now continues afterward.)(Person calls neighbor wrong name for 14 years, and other weird conversations.)(Jorts, and jhorts are now words.)(The trans fat ban has just started happening.)(Grey, and black Dunkin' Donuts sign.)(Sayed/Sayd/Said)(Do you remember Orange being pronounced different?)(Do you remember Mirror being pronounced different?)(Do you remember Crayon being pronounced different?)(Guage/Gauge, and pronunciation is off.)(Does the Greatist(Greatest?)website logo look off?)(All depictions of cartoon owls with yellow eyes.)(Does the Jot logo look off?)(Does the Brain Quest logo look off?)(Is anything about the US, Canada, or world population off?)(Does the Scottish rampart look off?)(Patronise/Patronize)(Was Grover from Sesame Street not originally brown?)(Does the Moonwalkers(The Moonwalkers?)logo look off?)(Were words like Moonwalk actual words?)(Does The Legend Of Sasquatch(Sasquach?)logo look off?)(Messing With Sasquatch/Messin' With Sasquatch)(Was there not multiple ways to spell Sasquatch, or was it spelled differently?)(Is the movie Se7en(Seven?)off in any way?)(Was it Deaf, Death, or Def Leppard, or Leppard?)(Is the movie Friday off?)(Connor McGregoConor McGregor)(Lots of Dollar Tree exclusive products, and signs they make have modernized fonts, and off, and connected letters.)(The Dream/The-Dream, and do any of his logos look off?)("There's nothing left to say."/"There's nothing I can say.")(Was it always the same as the first time?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Anything else off?)(Have you heard of Lake Ladoga?)(Jean Michael Jarre/Jean Michel Jarre)(Lots of people call Dollar Tree "Dollar Store", or, "The Dollar Store".)(Lollypop/Lollipop)(Lots of dead celebrities come back to life.)(Lots of celebrity birthdays change.)(Mike Willis/Mike Wills)(Was the plural of Pop Pop, and not Pops?)(Snyder's/Snyder's Of Hanover)(Flip Flop/Flip-Flop)(Does the Color Eazy logo look off?)(Was the Lay's slogan something different than I mentioned?)((Expanse/The Expanse)(Happy Holidays/Happy Holiday)(Are any of the lyrics off?)(Even more types of praying mantises.)(Were yield signs a different color, or shape?(Anything else off?)(There are a few popular international changes.)(Zeplin/Zeppelin)(Did Led Zeppelin originally get their name from misspelling Zepplin Zeppelin, or the other way around?)(Anything else off?)(Old Chef Boyardee logos had dashes in the name.)(The term Sugar Daddy goes back way further back now, and is even said in songs like Lovesick Blues by Hank Williams Sr.(Did he never say Sweet Daddy in any of his songs, and was Sweet Daddy never said back then either?)(Did he never say Daddy at all?)(Jamie Johnson/Jamey Johnson)(Was Jamey not an acceptable spelling of Jamie?)(Inate/Innate)(Any word that has double lettering similar to Unnamed.)(Tibet is larger now.)(Weird lighting, and thunderstorm.)(Do any of Aretha Franklin's logos look off?)(Did the Judge Judy logo change again?)(Does the end of Neither Can I by Slash's Snakepit(Snake Pit?)sound off to you?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Jolly Time products have off names.)(Does the VMA logo look off?)(Does The Nun logo look off?)(Do you remember monkeys inhabiting the Rock Of Gibraltar, and no humans?)(Electric blue clouds appear over Antarctica in 2013.)(Vern Goslin/Vern Gosdin)(Blue spiders now exist.)(Blue moths now exist.)(Statue Of Liberty has black nose.)(Siemen/Siemens)(You Haul/U-Haul)(You Turn/U-Turn)(You Ball/U-Ball)(Do you remember A System Of A Down, A System Of The Down, The System Of A Down, or The System Of The Down?)(Does Jackie Kennedy shooting, and killing John F. Kennedy look even more obvious now?)(Has War Pigs by Black Sabbath changed in many different ways?)(Grage/Garage, and pronunciation is different.)(News Stand/Newstand/Newsstand)(Anything else surrounding this off?)(Are the lyrics in Paranoid Android by Radiohead(Radio Head?)off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Are the lyrics in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Levi Stadium/Levis Stadium/Levi's Stadium)(Were the brand, and the stadium named differently, or the same?)(Violets release a chemical that causes you to forget what they smell like.)(Giraffe weevil now exists.)(Have you heard of the Bogdanoff(Bodganoff?)twins?)(Certain principles on how things work have changed.)(Big Bird's color seems off, and his beak, and other things about him.)(White, and red squirrels now exist.)(The Sun appearing to be orange, and other recent weird stuff recently.)(Have more lyrics in Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival changed?)(Aliens Vs. PredatoAlien Vs. Predator, and is the logo off?)(Other names?)(Injustice For All/And Justice For All/...And Justice For All)(Do any of Billy Joel's logos look off?)(Ranch, most soda,(Was Soda plural for soda, and not Sodas?)most meats,(Was Meat plural for meat, and not Meats?)most Chovolates,(Was Chocolate plural for chocolate, and not Chocolates?)and most chip types taste off now.)("I was born in it, raised in it."/"I was born in it, molded by it.")(Is any other part of the quote off?)(Is Lasagna pronounced differently than before?)(Koala Care/Koala Kare)(Do you remember Credence, or Clearance Clearwater Revival?)(Lots of messed up Os, fots in Is, and other letters especially seen on semi trucks.)(There are now tons of old weird looking TVs.)(Minnie Mouse's dress used to be pink with white dotsall the time instead of red with white dots.)(Valiksburn94/Vailskibum94)(USS CalisteUSS Callister)(Ceelo Green/Cee Lo Green/CeeLo Green)(Paul Tibit/Paul Tibitt/Paul Tibbit/Paul Tibbitt)(Jim Carrey was now born in 1962 instead of 1963.)(Did The Smashing Pumpkins member Jimmy Chamberlin die, and is anything else about the band off?)(Did Al Capone die before he got out of prison?)(Verifocal/Varifocal)(The Professional//Leon/Leon: The Professional/Léon/Léon: The Professional)(Gigi Hadid/GiGi Hadid)(Arethra Franklin/Aretha Franklin)(Do you remember Zac, Zack, Zak, or Zach Efron, or Effron?)(Have you seen all the purple plants popping up recently?)(Have more lyrics in Piano Man by Billy Joel changed?)(Lots of messed up Ts in everything lately.)(Louie Armstrong/Louis Armstrong)(Louie C.K./Louis C.K.)(Lots of connected letters especially R, and A, and T, and T lately.)(Lampreys now exist.)(Velvet ants now exist.)(Starfish with lots of limbs.)(Have you heard of pinworm?)(Were sloths extinct?)("Log wood burning through the night."/"Log wood burning through the nights.")(Do any of his logos look off?)(Ing to In' lyrics in most reggae songs.)("The Holy Ghost was moving too."/"The Holy dove was moving too.")(Do any of his logos look off?)(Lots of weird gender animals, and plants, and weeds, and similar things can be male, or female now.)(Do any of the Courtyard Marriott logos look off?)(Bananas are completely weird in how they grow, and everything about them including taste, and other fruits, and vegetables taste different.)(The New Madrid earthquakes are no longer the deadliest earthquakes in history.)(There are now tons of weird fruits, and hybrid fruits.)(Weird facts about Clark Gable.)(Lots of weird things about Elvis now including color of outfits, voice, and less chubby.)(CasualGameReed/casualgamerreed)(Is the name of the last chapter of The Name Of The Rose different?)(Does the BWD logo look off?)(Does the Hotpoint logo look off?)(Is Psychic pronounced different?)(Do you remember only the first letter in a name having to be capitalized instead of other letters being acceptable too in some cases?)(The Chowder cartoon now has characters with yellow eyes.)(Are some of these singers, or bands that did songs you thought were done by someone else people you've never heard of?)(Barney has eyes in the actual The Flintstones cartoon that don't seem to match any online pictures in some cases.)(The DMV is now sometimes the BMV, and other names too.)(The location of Vienna has changed.)Almost all of the munchkin songs in The Wizard Of Oz have changed.)(I Am Lazlow/I AM LAZLOW)(Snow, rain, earthquakes, and other weird weather things happening more often, or in new places.)(Tarantula hawk wasp now exists.)(Is Louisiana pronounced different?)(Is Boogeyman pronounced different?)(Are the Boogeyman movie logos off?)(Has the chorus in Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver reversed?)(Was it simply titled Country Roads?)(More aircraft changes.)(Video below.)(Weird square clouds.)(The location Dirty Dancing was filmed at seems to have changed a lot.)(Weird old invention that combined fridge, sink, 3 gas burners, storage drawer, and available with electric burners.)(Mother dogs chew off dew claws from their puppies' hind legs.)(Kettle Corn/Kettle Korn)(The latter is now used, and in other things.)(Underwater human coral sculptures now exist.)(Skinks now exist.)(Squabbits, and similar weird animals now exist.)(Words like Unnamed, Unneeded, and Irregular have double letters now.)(We have mysterious DNA.)(Weird red water.)(More small things in The Silence Of The Lambs changed.)(More small things about Elvis' life changed.)(Jonny Dep/Johnny Depp)(Weird rainbow rock.)(Detailed prediction of 1941 Pearl Harbor attack in 1937 newspaper.)(Were Pattie, and Patti not acceptable spellings of Patty?)(Nelson Mandela apparently visited Detroit, Michigan in 1990.)(Both versions of Spider-Man on the Spider-Man 3 cover have swapped places.)(Old Cheetos logos now had dashes, and dots in the name.)(Rebbie Jackson now exists.)(J. Jonah Jameson never says, "I want pictures of Spider-Man." in the Spider-Man movies.)(Are any of the lines in Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss off?)(Honky Tonk Woman/Honky Tonk Women)(Do any of their logos look off?)("I put a spell on you, and now you're mine."/"I put a spell on you because you're mine.")(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Ing to In' lyrics?)(Any of her logos look off?)(Was Christian Bale American originally?)(More aircraft changes.)(Video below.)(After All/Afterall/After All)(Kris Kristopherson/Kris Kristoferson/Kris Kristofferson)(Other spellings?)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Mike Willis/Mike Wills)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Lots of Hank Williams Sr. songs sound better, and off now.)(Do you remember "That's not a knife, now that's a knife.", or "That's not a knife, now this is a knife."?)(King Tut photos are now messed up in color.)(More changes to Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard.)(A lot of Webb Pierce music has "Hear what you wanna hear." moments.)(Crocodiles, and alligators use swimming devices now.)(Honeybees sometimes drink blood.)(Lyrics to Colors Of The Wind from Pocahontas have changed.)(All Right vs. Alright, and similar words.)(Did Harry Potter have different colored eyes, and did Daniel Redcliffe have different colored eyes in general?)
6161.(Music Lyrics change.)"Go cat go!"/"Go go go!"(Was it the same both times in the song?)(Any of his other lyrics off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)
6162.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Aretha Franklin dying?
6163.(Famous Actor name change.)Jean Claude Van Damn/Jean-Claude. Van Damme(Other spellings?)
6164.(Famous Actor name change.)Ralph Machio/Ralph Macchio€Other spellings?)
6165.(Famous Actress name change.)Terri HatcheTeri Hatcher(Other spellings?)
6166.(Famous Actress name change.)Pam GreePam Grier(Other spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Links below.)
6167.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Tina Turner singing If I Could Turn Back Time in the early to mid 80's instead of Cher in the late 80's to early 90's?(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do either of any of their logos look off?)
6168.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Audrey Hepburn having black hair in Breakfast At Tiffany's instead of blonde highlights, and lighter colored hair?(Does the logo look off?)
6169.(Date change.)Do you remember the first steam-powered automobile not being invented as far back as 1768??(Was the first steam car not invented as far back as 1672?)
6170.(Date change.)Do you remember the first jukebox not being invented as far back as 1889?
6171.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the ending of Murder On The Orient Express never revealing everyone as the killer?(Any of the other endings off?)(Were there not multiple endings?)
6172.(T.V. Show name change.)Hawaii 5.0/Hawaii 5-0/Hawaii Five-0(Other names?)(Does the theme song seem off?)(Do any of the band's logos look off?)(Video below.)
6173.(T.V. Show name change.)Rocky And Bullwinkle/The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle And Friends(Do any of the logos of anything look off?)
6174.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Casper never having blue eyes?(Do any of the logos of anything look off?)
6175.(Movie Quote change.)"Mama says they'd take you anywhere."/"Mama said they'd take me anywhere."(Is the entire conversation off?)(Was it Chocolate, and not Chocolates?)(Was Chocolates not a word, or was it a word?)
6176.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a campaign to stop robots in Geneva in April, 2018?
6177.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember BigDog(Big Dog?)not being a thing?(Did the amount of time its been a thing changed?)
6178.(Music Lyrics change.)"I'm not the leader of the kick-you-when-you're-down crusade."/"I'm not the leader of a kick-you-when-you're-down crusade."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6179.(New species.)Have you heard of any of these sea creatures?(Anything else off?)(Link below.)
6180.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember the Adam's Apple not being able to move from side to side, or make clicking noises?
6181.(Holiday name change.)Pentacost/Pentecost(Anything else surrounding this off?)
6182.(Holiday name change.)Feast Of Tabernacle/Feast Of Tabernacles(Anything else surrounding this off?)
6183.(Spelling change.)Supermissive Black Hole/Supermassive Black Hole
6184.(Famous Freak name change.)John Merrick/Joseph Merrick
6185.(History change.)Do you remember the entire SEAL team involved in killing Osama Bin Laden dying?
6196.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the ancient Olympic games being held in Athens, Greece instead of Olympia, Greece?(Does the website logo look off?)
6197.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember psychedelic(Psychadelic?)gravity wave clouds not being a thing?
6198.(New species.)Have you heard of the northern mole cricket?
6199.(New species.)Have you heard of the gargantuan stick insect?
6200.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the first car to ever hit 62 mph not being an electric car, and was it not as early as 1899?
6201.(Famous Actor name change.)Ray Liota/Ray Liotta(Other spellings?)
6202.(Famous Actress name change.)Julia Styles/Julia Stiles
6203.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Michael J. Fox dying?
6204.(New species.)Have you heard of the Mantispidae?(Did it not go by other names?)
6205.(Music Lyrics change.)"He said son can you play me a melody?"/"He says son can you play me a memory?"("He said Bill I believe this is killing me."/"He says Bill I believe this is killing me.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6206.(Restaurant name change.)Chevy's Fresh Mex/Chevys Fresh Mex(Is the logo off?)
6207.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Pamela Voorhees not being the original Friday The 13th killer?(Was Voorhees spelled differently?)(Anything else surrounding this off?)(Do any of the Friday The 13th logos look off?)
6208.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Painty The Pirate not laughing while Spongebob Squarepants(SpongeBob SquarePants, or was it something else, and are any of the logos of anything off?)plays his nose like an instrument in the theme song?(Does Painty The Pirate, or anyone else I haven't mentioned before from the show look off?)(Was he only known as Captain, or did he not have a name?)(Anything else surrounding this off?)
6209.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Skylar Grey,(Skyler Gray, and is the use of Skylar vs. Skyler off?)or Rihanna singing 5 O'Clock with T-Pain, and Wiz Khalifa instead of Lilly Allen?Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of any of their logos look off?)
6210.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ed Sheeran singing Strip That Down with Quavo instead of Liam Payne?(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of either of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Videos below.)
6211.(Movie name change.)Towering Inferno/The Towering Inferno
6212.(Famous Actor name change.)Jessie Ventura/Jesse Ventura
6213.(Famous Model name change.)Carmen Elektra/Carmen Electra
6214.(Music Lyrics change.)"They'll send you off to war."/"They'll send you down to war."
6215.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Platypuses have 10 sex chromosomes, they don't have stomachs, they lose their teeth when they leave the burrow so they use gravel, females secrete milk out of pores cause they don't have tits, males have one hole for mating, laying egfs, and using bathroom, they walk on knuckles while on land, they close everything when diving for food, and their bill is very sensitive to electricity, and other things, oklo reactor natural fission reactor, more changes to Mount Rushmore, leopards in the city, red wolf, komodo dragon uses venom, and not bacteria, Nestlé logo, your spine determines your dominant hand, rainbow trout have flesh like salmon, and do they look different? Hot water beach, water is not H2O, water feels different, and sensitivity to cold, or hot water changes, water is a society of molecules, tefillin, blue flamingos, cottontail tent making bats, plant grows through a living rat, octopuses that hunt on land, the black box in Mecca keeps changing, women's march started taking off earlier, changes to the Abraham Lincoln, and John Wilkes Booth story, Lincoln has a mole now, and he wore a zipper jacket before the zipper was invented? Now there are lots of photos of Abraham Lincoln when photos of him didn't exist, dust storm to fill Gulf Of Mexico, more changes to the Statue Of Liberty, Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky quote changed, there are way more stick insect kinds now, the two bombs dropped in Japan didn't hit the ground, and the land is now safer to live on than before, (Video below.)
6216.(Company name change.)Smith & Weston/Smith & Wesson(Does the logo look off?)(Did .17 HMR ammo not exist?)(Anything else off?)
6217.(Spelling change.)Broach/Brooch
6218.(Movie name change.)Killer Clowns From Outer Space/Killer Klowns From Outer Space(Do any of the logos look off?)
6219.(Music Lyrics change.)"Four rusted horses strangled by their own rope."/"Four rusting horses strangled by their own rope."(Was it the same all the way through?)("Tied heart sat broke."/"Tied heart it broke.")("Sign that said it was a fire sale."/"Signs that said it was a fire sale.")(Do any of his logos look off?)
6220.(Music Lyrics change.)"We came to see the mobscene."/"You came to see the mobscene."(Was it the same all the way through?)(Mobscene/mOBSCENE)
6221.(Music Lyrics change.)"I know there's pain."/"I know this pain."("Why do you wrap yourself up in these chains?"/"Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?")("Things will change."/"Things to change."/"Things can change."/"Things could change.")("Make you say goodbye. Say goodbye."/"Make you say goodbye.")("Letting your worries pass you by."/"Letting your hurries pass you by.")("If you hold on."/"Can you hold on?")(Was it all the same through the song?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Anything else in the song off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6222.(Music Lyrics change.)"There are voices that long to be heard."/"There are voices that want to be heard."(Do any of their logos look off?)
6223.(Music Lyrics change.)"But we lost it."/"But I lost it."
6224.(Music Lyrics change.)"But I don't know your name."/"Don't know your name."
6225.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember INXS singing You're Unbelievable instead of EMF singing Unbelievable?(Do any of either of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6226.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ariana Grande singing Issues, or Selena Gomez singing I Got Issues instead of Julia Michaels singing Issues?(Do any of any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6227.(Music Lyrics change.)"That holds a lot of rain."/"Holds a lot of rain."("Love hurts."/"Love hurt.")("I really learned a lot."/"Really learned a lot.")(Anything else off?)(Is the ending off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6228.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember meteors, and similar things only glowing white instead of other colors?(Fireballs aren't only orange.)(Are there more meteor showers to look for, and do they occur more frequently, and do more meteors fall?)(Did planets not "pulse" other colors, or at all?)(Anything else off?)(Video below.)
6229.(New plants.)Have you heard of plants that can swim?
6230.(Store name change.)Home Furniture/HOM Furniture(Anything else off?)
6231.(Music Lyrics change.)"She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear."/"You look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear."(Was it the same as the title?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6232.(T.V. Show name change.)Santa Clara Diet/Santa Clarita Diet(Does the logo look off?)
6233.(Chicken name change.)Orphington/Orpington(City in Kent too.)
6234.(Company name change.)Wetherspoons/Wetherspoon
6235.(City name change.)Wein, Vienna/Wien, Vienna
6236.(Poem name change.)Nothing Golden Stays/Nothing Gold Stays/Nothing Golden Can Stay/Nothing Gold Can Stay
6237.(Fictional Restaurant name change.)MacDowell's/McDowell's(Anything else surrounding it off?)(Real brands too.)
6238.(Famous Author name change.)R.L. Stein/R.L. Stine
6239.(Island name change.)Mackinaw/Mackinac(Still pronounced Mackinaw, and the city is Mackinaw.)
6240.(Famous Psychic name change.)Sylvia Brown/Sylvia Browne
6241.(Song name change.)Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree/Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree(Are any of the lyrics off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6242.(Famous Actor name change.)Brandon MeyeBrendon MeyeBrendan MeyeBrecklin MeyeBreckin Meyer
6243.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Way I Are being sung by certain different people than it is now?(Are any of the lyrics off?)(The Way I Am/The Way I Are)(Nelly Furtando/Nelly Furtado)(Timberland/Timbarland/Timbaland)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6244.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Marilyn Monroe not appearing nude in the first issue of Playboy?
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Cirque De Sol/Cirque Du Soleil)(Other spellings?)(Videos below.)
6245.(Spelling change.)Bennihana/Benihana(Other spellings?)
6246.(Song Title change.)I Did My Time/Did My Time("I am the one who chose my path."/"I am the one who chose my past.")(Anything else off?)
6247.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Lance Henriksen being the lead role in the first Hellraiser movie?
6248.(Spelling change.)Alchol/Alchohol/Alcohol(Drink too, and similar words.)
6249.(Company name change.)Tennessee Pride/Tennessee Pride Real Country/Odom's Tennessee Pride Real Country(Does the logo look off?)(Sausage is sometimes part of the official name too.)
6250.(Music Lyrics change.)"When you want it, it goes away too fast."/"When you want it, goes away too fast."
6251.(Music Lyrics change.)"What in the world could make a brown-eyed girl turn blue? When everything I'll do I'll do for you."/"What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue? When everything I'll do I do for you."(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6252.(Music Lyrics change.)"Baby hold on tight."/"Baby hold tight."(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Did Steve Perry die?)
6253.(Music Lyrics change.)"We drink alone."/"We drank alone."(George Thorogood & The Destroyers/George Thorogood)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6254.(Music Lyrics change.)"So I go down the street."/"So I go down the streets."("So I go to my room."/"So I go in my room.")("Give me a triple shot."/"Need me a triple shot.")("The night before last."/"A night before last.")("I gotta drunk."/"I gotta get a drink.")("One bourbon, one scotch, one beer."/"One bourbon, one shot, one beer.")("Night, and a week."/"Nigh' on a week.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Video below.)
6255.(Famous Football Player name change.)Paul Horning/Paul Hornung
6256.(Famous Actress name change.)Tracy Lords/Traci Lords(Was Traci not an acceptable spelling of Tracy?)
6257.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a Parthenon(Parthanon?)replica in Nashville, Tennessee?
6258.(New species.)Have you heard of cats with wings?
6259.(Song Title change.)Ricky Don't Lose That NumbeRikki Don't Lose That Number(Other names?)(Any of the lyrics off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were Ricki, and Rikki not acceptable spellings of Ricky?)
6260.(Fictional Character name change.)Brenda Meeks/Brandy Meeks(Is it currently changing to Brandy?)
6261.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember more people being killed by great white sharks, and other sharks each year, and generally than the number actually is?(Did sharks never taste test, and did they use to like eating humans?)
6262.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember mummies being found in the Great Pyramids?
6263.(Can't think of a title .)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(More changes to Mount Rushmore, wasp species reemerges after being extinct for longedt time, black locust trees, frog mainstream pregnancy test, multiple logos in actual video are off, more changes to airplanes, more brutality, cannibalism, and meat-eating, and harshness in the animal kingdom, derechos, lots of new stuff about dogs, cows now sometimes drink their own milk, and other things about cows, changes to Eva's car, more changes to how the Sun's color works, spiders now spin sometimes as defense, goat horns, and bighorn sheep horns, and lots of antelope horns, and bull horns are getting longer, and bigger, female zebra finches compensate for unattractive partners, little penguins, lots of things about pangolins including their existence.)(Video below.)
6264.(Music Lyrics change.)"Darkest place right beneath the stairs."/"Darkest place like beneath the stairs."("It's do, or die."/"Do, or die.")(Was it the same every time?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6265.(Music Lyrics change.)"I'd tell you to enjoy life."/"I tell you to enjoy life."(Do any of their logos look off?)
6266.(Famous Group name change.)Bonny M./Bonnie M./Boney M.(Do any of their logos look off?)
6267.(Movie name change.)Hunt For Red OctobeHunt For The Red OctobeThe Hunt For The Red OctobeThe Hunt For Red October(Book too.)
6268.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Robin Leach dying way before August 24, 2018?
6269.(Music Lyrics change.)"Come with me baby."/"Come to me baby."(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Pretty Woman/Oh, Pretty Woman)(Did it not go by two names?)(Any of his logos look off?)
6270.(Famous Singer name change.)Chris Deburgh/Chris DeBurgh/Chris De Burgh/Chris de Burgh(Do any of his logos look off?)(Do any more of the lyrics in Africa by Toto seem off?)
6271.(Music Lyrics change.)"She remembers bridges, and burns them to the ground."/"She remembers bridges, burns them to the ground."(Do any of their logos look off?)
6272.(Music Lyrics change.)"The ones I thought I loved."/"The ones I thought I love."("But you left me here."/"You left me here.")(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Video below.)
6273.(Movie name change.)Terminator Genesis/Terminator Genisis/Terminator Genisys
6274.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember men not wearing skirts in Star Trek: The Next Generation?
6275.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Triangle island, cloud shadows, talking crows, new island near Ontario, Canada, Bermuda Triangle anomaly, new island above Russia, birds can fly upside down, purple frog, pyramid in Wyoming.)(Video below.)
6276.(Music Lyrics change.)"This one says."/"This one said."(Sayed, or Sayd?)("This one's got."/"This one got.")(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6277.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the original Fly movies all being black, and white instead of color?
6278.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's looking at me."/"She looking at me."("Everybody loves you."/"Everybody love you.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6279.(Music Lyrics change.)"Wipes the tears."/"Wipes a tears."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6280.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being released earlier, or later?(Commodore 64, NES, SNES, N64, PS1, and PS2.)(Digital cameras were first made public in 1975, and were released more widely in 1995 instead of the early 2000's.)
6281.(Song Title change.)Promiscuous Girl/Promiscuous
6282.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "I'm SPM.", or "I am SPM." being said in the chorus of You Know My Name by SPM?(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of his logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Coca-Cola never being sold in milk cartons?
6283.(Music Lyrics change.)"Knocks you off your feet."/"Knocks you off your feed."("You lit, and you learned."/"You lived, and you learned.")(Do any of their logos look off?)
6284.(Music Lyrics change.)"I can't take the pain."/"Can't stand the pain."("I must be going insane."/"Must be going insane.")(Jackal/Jackyl)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6285.(Slogan change.)"We make car buying easier."/"We make buying easier."
6286.(Music Lyrics change.)"I feel the heat of love's flames down on me."/'I feel the heat of love's flame down on me."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6287.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Martian sky always being red?
6288.(Music Lyrics change.)"When we make love."/"When you make love."("It's what I need."/"Is what I need.")
6289.(Music Lyrics change.)"You got the power, you got the glory."/"We got the power, got the glory."
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2017.11.21 06:24 hooahguy I've been returning to my roots and it feels great

So I grew up modern orthodox. My father is a rather prominent rabbi in my community and pretty much until I was 18 I was always the most religious in the private Jewish schools I went to. Strangely enough, I became less religious when I went to Israel back in 2011 and was part of a pretty religious program. Something about it just didn't click with me and I rebelled. When I got home I went to a secular university and I ate non-kosher, didn't keep Shabbat, nothing. I considered myself culturally Jewish but religiously agnostic. I started dating a non-Jewish girl who was actually a devout Christian and wanted me to convert. I was in love with her so I briefly entertained that idea. I was still going to shul on Shabbat because I was under my fathers roof but I resented it greatly.
Then this past year happened. I broke up with that girl for reasons unrelated to religion. It was a really rough year with a lot of disappointment. Then I went to England for a week or so with my father. We spent Shabbat in Oxford with their Jewish community. It was the first time I actually enjoyed a Shabbat in years. Something clicked in me, and told me that I cannot leave my heritage behind.
I started to observe a little more, like actually saying the prayers on Shabbat. The real turning point was this past Yamim Noraim. I am about to graduate from university and I was scared about finding a job and moving on. My job search over the summer was lousy to say the least.
So I decided to make a change. I stopped eating non kosher. I pray with some level of devotion again like I did so many years ago. I took pride in my Judaism again. And it was like Hashem heard my prayers and my ratio of job applications and interviews is pretty good now I'd say. I have a number of solid job leads. I've even started putting on tefillin again every morning, something I haven't really done since 2012.
While I don't have a job offer yet I am confident that I will get something soon. It feels so good to have regained the faith that I lost so many years ago and I am sorry that it took me so long to get to this point again. Maybe my turn of good luck when I returned to Judaism is just a coincidence. Maybe it's a sign. I choose for it to be a sign that Hashem really does look out for the faithful and I am being rewarded for coming back. TBH I'm not entirely sure why I made this post, but it feels good to be home and I guess I wanted to convey that feeling to everyone here.
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2016.05.13 22:48 mikegold10 Please help me find Jewish friends near me

I am a 45 year old man and am going into separation from my wife. I am looking to find and make Jewish friends near me for activities we can do and also to have people to chat with (in real life). My life so far has been very focused on my family, sadly at the expense of my social life and friends. You may find this reddit thread strange, but I bet that there are hundreds if not thousands of men who are in this boat with me and are too ashamed to post a thread like this one. I'm over that shame and am opening up wholeheartedly.
After 21 years of marriage and two kids, my wife is leaving me and my family seems to be falling apart to an extent. I would like to make some (real life) friends and do mutually fun social activities together, so as not to be lonely on days when the kids will be with her. Note that I am looking for friendship and not a relationship of any other sort (and yes I am straight, if there's any doubt :) ).
Location wise, I live in Glenview, IL, but am flexible within a reasonable number of miles for meeting up.
I work in IT and my hobbies include:
I know it's a bid odd to ask on this subreddit or perhaps on reddit in general due to most people on here being in their twenties and thirties, but I've exhausted all of the other venues I could find.
On the observance scale, I guess I would classify myself as somewhere between reformed and conservative, although I do put on tefillin every day and go to shul on holidays. Not much Shabbat observance though and I am certainly not hung up on potential friends' level of observance, either.
Venues I've already tried for meeting friends:
Any advice on other venues would be appreciated. I am sure that there are plenty of single/divorced/lonely jewish men looking for friendship in the area. I just don't know how to find them and/or establish any sort of open communication with them.
I think it's much easier to find a date at this age, than to find and make new Jewish friends :) . It's almost as if other single Jewish men in my demographic do not exist.
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2016.01.06 12:36 AlmightyMexijew Life after Chabad[A memoir]

This is quite long, and it's a memoir triggered by a farbrengen last night that I went to with my friends. It has the good, the bad, the ugly, and it colors a huge part of my personality.....
You see, I used to be quite deep in Chabad. It started very simply: My new friend from Hillel where we had met just a few days before said "Let's go to Chabad; there is more food there" and I had given him a puzzled look. "What is Chabad?" "That place with the big menorah out front on (street name) and (cross-street)." i had never noticed it despite passing on foot nearly every damn day. So we went, and, after the first awkward introduction period, it became our thing to hop both.
I've lived in that same Chabad House for 4 years, and it had everything to do with my life til I left. Everything. When there were yom tovim, I could hear the singing beneath the floor. Every Shabbat while I was sleeping off Friday night's parties, Shacharit was going on downstairs. Eventually I learned how to time the cholent coming out to the sounds and the pounding on the bima during "Ain kelokainu". There was even a period of time where I would try to get up for the minyan, though not a part of it because of the unfortunate circumstance of being Zera Yisrael (patrilineally Jewish).
Through all my time there, I had secured trust as a sort of Shamash figure because I was reliable and usually around, and because that is what shluchim do with patrilineals who want to be around and cannot get kavodim and aliyot. Chances are if you ate there, I had picked up the ingredients, and if things ever appeared organized, it was because I helped generate that with sweeping and other things. Nearly every person that ever passed through the Chabad House knew who I was and sometimes random strangers would ask me to pass on messages to the rabbi or would join our "group" at the dinners because they knew to follow me to find the booze that floated around after the immediate policy change from the Rohr freakout. The state of things was pleasant, and our community was growing and fairly happy for a while.
After returning to my parent's city to find work, it didn't take long to find myself in a Chabad yeshiva. By this time, I had several fedoras and a long scraggly beard my friends dubbed "Osama Bin Ladin". There is actually a picture from one Halloween where we took advantage of "Wear your costume to work" day. I cemented a commitment on my giyur with my beit din, put in my 2 weeks at my dead-end job that had failed to work with me about Jewish holidays, and bought a flight to Miami.................and then told my parents.
I was in the yeshiva system...and...it had it's good points, as well as it's bad. They all generated an atmosphere, albeit some emphasized certain elements more. I finished my giyur and stayed for a while to learn, and this is probably where the cracks started to appear.
I was the square peg trying to go through the round hole. I wanted to be Sephardic. I wanted to be involved outside the Chabad community. Our disrespect of our host shul by blowing them off when they needed minyan, while expecting them to drop everything for us, bothered me. The embrace of alcoholics and druggies, prisoners on parole, would bother me because there was little done to prevent conflicts which inevitably arose. There was theft and damage at the yeshiva, and a few fist fights even.
But who was I ? Just a convert who had "left the Rebbe's graces" and wanted to be someone I "am not". I had been there on scholarship, and,when I didn't toe the line, I was asked to start paying or leave. When my "true follower" chavrutot both were offered shidduchim, I was simultaneously discouraged from putting myself out there. I didn't listen, and "somebody" warned the girl's boss/host that I was "at risk of frei-ing out". Strangely, I was still a frummy frum and all that really deviated in practice was that I was wearing a tallit per Sephardic custom. She broke it off, to her regret as I learned years later.
When I left to go find work a few short and frustrating months later, I ended up in New York in the process. It didn't pan out, and I would spend some free time at the local famous BT yeshiva in Crown Heights in shiur. I eventually tried to go back to learning full time and was told there was no space in the dorms for me and I could rent a basement somewhere and attend as full-time status upon payment of tuition. It didn't matter that I had absolutely no connection to New York and would have to work full-time to live there. So..that is what I did...I opted to work, and suffered living with unstable housemates in several locations where "older bochurim"(21+) go. It was official: My age and my BT/ger status had locked me into a social position where I was persona-non-grata. Married friends couldn't have me over because if there was a single female present, which there always was, their reputation could be destroyed by rumors of "mixing genders at the table". About the only respite from this was my tenuous link to the "Ahavas Yisrael" crowd, though I knew more of the singles than the couples, and therefore still found myself often at the 1414 dorms with other unwanted(read: unmarried) bochurim for Shabbat.
I cracked...and eventually, after a series of very violent incidents between housemates and a final straw event where I myself nearly experienced violence, I broke and called my rosh in Florida. He knew he had "won" and told me if I promised to toe the line, I would be welcome back. I acceded to this. Covering one's non-Chabad thoughts was so much better than dying over toilet paper in some old basement in New York.
It didn't last...I'm not very good at faking things, and I couldn't stand the newest class of arrivals who had all come from jail or were on parole. Guys who could dress the part and tell me why the Rebbe is superman but couldn't stumble their way through morning brachot. The yeshiva had been slipping because ideology was a bigger sale than functional Judaism. The people that came to learn for learning sake would leave frustrated or alienated. The people that came because their rabbis suggested it would last a few weeks. Only the people who remained dysfunctional or locked in ideology would stay.
I left...Became a disillusioned person on a quest to figure out where I stood on things. I missed and yearned for the yeshiva closeness and the myth of perfection, while suffering through minyan after minyan of what the Chabad world calls "Baal HaBayit" crowds. These are the simple folks that are Chabad-by-proximity....so..they love Chassidic stories of faith and most of them will drive on Shabbat to the shul. They daven, in English very slowly, with their head tefillin off-center and their arm tefillin facing outward, but they'll come to minyan every day if they can. Some of them actually become Chabadniks, but the vast majority are just people who have been encouraged to the point of action and cajoled into regularity.
Since then I've been on cruise-control. I've gone to other places in the spectrum of Orthodoxy, and found myself close to many different groups on different levels..
Que last night. I was invited to a farbrengen in Baqa neighborhood by 2 close friends of mine who had both come to Israel before me. One of them is a closet meshichist who keeps it from his wife (who went to seminary at Neve). He is also a former patrilineal like myself. The other is decidedly neutral but surrounds himself with open meshichists, and is recently married. He actually is one of the guys who was getting shidduchim in our Florida days. The energy at this farbrengen was a lot like that of other farbrengens I have been to in Israel and California. It was lacking. Empty. Lost.
Farbrengens don't do it for me anymore. The Chabad way of doing things doesn't do it for me anymore. The stories that I used to know backward and forward now seem absurd. The inyanim make me, as a Maqori, laugh. The infalliability bothers me. The superman qualities ascribed to the "Nesius" seem goofy. The halacha and the approach to halacha seem overly zealous and yet hypocritical.
I fear I have been ruined in some way. The last magic of the world has gone the way of Santa and the Easter Bunny and Area51. The world that was once generated for me nearly 10 years ago has been shattered. I no longer trust institutions, particularly kiruv. If I travel, I'll still rely on Chabad for their network of logistics, but I do so for lack of alternative rather than affinity. If I date, I tend to avoid Chabad girls (which unfortunately narrows down the market of hot girls significantly). My friends in Chabad are still many, but, I find it harder to connect to them because I could care less about the same repeated stuff they still adore hearing or reading.
To end in a question, what do you do when even the drinking has lost it's fun?
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2012.10.15 03:38 tabledresser [Table] InternetAMA: I am Alexander Rhodes - the Suspicious Onlooker, aspiring actor, and #8 overall on IMDB thanks to Reddit. AMA

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-10-04
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
When you spoke to IMDB, what did they say? The person wanted to confirm some details about who I am, etc because of the hundreds of hilariously fake details people have been submitting to the IMDB page ;) (ie "Are you really nicknamed Slick McWomanizer?")
Despite how busy they have been weeding through the submissions, I was told that everybody in the offices think that this is great / funny and are rooting for us to get to #1. They said congratulations and wished me good luck.
Provided a lot of good advice and the person said they expect me to be flying down to LA soon if this campaign continues at this rate. If this happens going to meet up for lunch. :)
In conclusion, IMDB was really nice and cool about everything. They are closely following this and think it is great.
You said you were called Slick McWomanizer, right? Please say yes. I jokingly said yes but they require documentation. I caved in - they are going to change it to "Alex". If you guys come up with a ridiculously awesome nickname that gets used all the time, and enough documentation is provided (news articles) that mentions it, a more awesome nickname could stick.
That's great news Slick McWomanizer! How often do the rankings update? Once per week.. usually Sunday night into Monday.
My word, what a week. I've met Aziz Ansari, Ron White, and Tony Hawk. But this? Alexander Rhodes? I'm honored beyond words. This is my gift to you, my friend. Link. This is amazing. Thank you so much and I'M the one honored beyond words.
If you'd like it, just PM me a mailing address and I'll send it out. PMed you :)
So, how does it feel to have become more popular than all but 7 other actors? How do you think this is going to boost your career? Has anyone contacted you about your internet fame (besides the msn article)? It is hilarious and awesome. But don't think it has fully registered that it is me yet. If the support continues, this probably has the potential to boost my career. And a few people have contacted me.. Mashable, Daily Dot, Cheezburger, The Washington Post!!, Cracked (as of 10 minutes ago) - mostly internet blogger type websites. A lot of random people I used to know have popped up out of nowhere. "Hey man, remember me from xxx 12 years ago?!". A few agents have contacted me and expressed interest and signed with a manager yesterday to help with everything. But no offers / interest from production companies or casting directors yet.
don't you look suspiciously at me! DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO ಠ_ಠ.
Any casting calls yet? EDIT: this is a serious question. Honest short answer: no. But as of yesterday I did sign with a manager who is helping me get organized and do the difficult stuff (talk to media). But no productions have expressed any interest at this time and haven't been signed to an agency.
What made you want to go into film? How did you land the Jack Reacher role? I've been interested in all aspects of film for as long as I can remember. When I was like 10-11 my parents got me a video camera and I was always the one filming stuff at family events, etc. Also enjoyed acting in some of these videos that me and my friends + brother made. I was a total nerd and would sit at Barnes and Nobel for hours at a time reading movie scripts. Eventually just started acting by myself in my room / getting into character and reenacting scenes. My family has some history in the industry.. maybe it is genetic? If not acting I'd still like to be involved in the industry in some way because love everything about it.
I was casted as an extra with Mosser Casting in Pittsburgh PA. When on set I was originally placed near Tom Cruise and told to walk beside him. However, after one take they told me to go way into the background because my coat was too light and it drew too much attention to itself. So I was placed really far away to the point where I wouldn't be seen at all. Felt kind of bummed because there was no chance for me to even be seen in the movie in that position. But Tom Cruise hooked me up..
After another take Tom Cruise talked to the director and then came up to me and asked me to move to the foreground and perform the suspicious onlooking. He walked me through what he wanted me to do. It was funny because I was kind of starstruck and didn't even really register his instructions in my head ("WHY IS TOM CRUISE TALKING TO ME" was all that was going on in there).. just kind of nodded and immediately forgot his instructions when the director called "rolling!". Didn't screw up too much. We ended up doing maybe 7 or so takes and it was surreal with the director using the microphone / speakers "OK Tom that was good keep it up. Good job Alexander! Now back to 1s".
Tl;dr: Tom Cruise made me the Suspicious Onlooker.
What are you so suspicious of? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to divulge details about the scene without getting sued by Paramount but in general I'm suspiciously onlooking something Tom Cruise's character is doing.
If the movie poobahs get pissed about this just remind them that they couldn't buy this kind of publicity. Also, do you really have a brother named Axel? Yes.
Hi! So I saw you're a active member of NoFap. What's your NoFap streak? How long have you not done it? Longest and shortest amount of time? I haven't masturbated for 94 days. This has been my longest streak. I am doing it in EZ mode because I have been having regular (~every other day) sex which makes it so so much easier. My shortest streak is like less than 10 minutes haha.
Do you get laid more often now? or do you just have a gf? I don't have an official girlfriend, but me and a lady have been monogamously "seeing each other" for over a month now.
Cool stuff. thanks for answering. Wish you the best, hopefully the next jack reacher will be starring Alexander, supporting actor Tom cruise lol. Also i have recently taken the nofap challenge, i dont know if you want to disclose since you are getting famous now, but care to share why you went on the challenge? (you don't have to) Thank you so much for the support. And originally did the NoFap challenge as a test of willpower / for the lulz but turns out it made me feel like superman or something. And sex is so so much better if you take masturbation out completely. So stuck to it.
Aww, you chickened out on the main /iama? You are on the top ten list for IMDb, anyway. You are my most famous FB friend, though, so good on you. What do you plan to do with your facebook accounts? A moderator at IAMA said that I'm not allowed to do an AMA there unless if I start getting legit acting roles. They have some sort of "no internet-famous people" rule. If this was posted there they would just delete it.
Did Tom Cruise ever meet you when filming, or did he only hear of you after the fact? We met very briefly but I doubt he remembers. Well, he may remember now.
Have you snagged Emma Watson as your woman yet? Or are you going to keep the news on the suspicious side? Only in my wildest dreams would this be possible. I have such a crush on her. (I think everybody on Reddit does)
Which actress would you like to work with the most? Emma Watson.
When are you getting a new photo for your IMDB page? You need a good headshot dude :) Everything has been really busy lately and just haven't had a moment to really pursue this yet. This is a #1 priority now and I'm looking around my hometown, Pittsburgh, to find somebody to do it for a discount rate because I'm a poor college kid. So hopefully soonish (a few days?).
I remember being a poor college student. Now i'm just poor because I've graduated. :(
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck? One horse-sized duck. How awesome would that be?
Has fame changed you? Do you still talk to your old friends? The only thing that has changed is haven't been getting as much sleep - something like 3 hours per night. Still have been talking to and hangout with with my IRL friends. A few of them have been dedicating a lot of time to helping me through this.. accepting my FB friend requests, responding to posts on Reddit (Cory), etc. They have all been very supportive and if any fame comes out of this, not planning on letting it turn me into a douche.
Very few people plan on being a douche. I will do everything within my power to prevent catching the douche.
Do you follow the pro scene? If so, who is your favorite player? Yes! I watch sc2 esports all the time. My favorite player is probably MarineKing but that also changes a lot.
I follow you on twitter. I like your cat. Thanks. I'll pass on your complement as soon as he comes up here for bedtime. He is currently having a snack downstairs.
Have any of the news websites talking about the story of your internet fame contacted you in any way? Yeah, I've gotten email interview requests from 3 so far: Mashable, The Daily Dot, and the Washington Post!!.
I heard you died in New Zealand yesterday. That sucks and I'm really upset that the world has lost such a brilliant actor. What's it like to die? Wat.
Have you performed outside of movies, too? e.g. theatre, stand-up, improv? How did you like it? None of the above. But have done student films and performed during acting / theater classes and such. Also interned for a casting director and got to perform during other actor's auditions playing the other role they weren't being casted for.
Do you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend)? If so, what do they think of all of this newfound fame? 1) Yes but we are in the extremely early stages of our relationship (we met in August), wouldn't even call us boyfriend and girlfriend but we are monogamous and in the "seeing eachother" or "dating" stage. This has caused a ton of stress in our relationship and I've barely seen her since last Friday due to obligations resulting from this surge of support. We are going to be sitting down and talking about it soon. She has mixed feelings about it but overall she has been very supportive.
Have any of your friends changed their attitudes towards you or started treating you differently? For example, women who had no interest in you suddenly wanted to start hanging out with you, etc? 2) Yes, yes, yes. Oh gawd yes. Any girl that shut me down in the past is suddenly really into me. People who I haven't talked to in 5-12+ years popping up..
What do you REALLY think of Tom Cruise? Honestly from my experience he seemed like a really nice guy. He was awesome to work with and it is clear that he is passionate about film making. He gave me the Suspicious Onlooker cameo in the movie (after I wasn't going to be in it at all), hired a full time espresso stand out of pocket to make coffee and hot chocolate for the crew, and got jackets for everyone.
Jackets? What do they say? "One Shot" - the original title of the movie which they renamed to Jack Reacher.
When do you think your name will be engraved on the Walk of Fame? Probably right after they see my portrayal of Suspicious Onlooker after the movie is released.
How much actual screen time do you have in Jack Reacher in total? Have no idea honestly haven't seen any footage from the film. I'd imagine not much screen time.
I saw you live in Pittsburgh. My roommate and I live in Squirrel Hill - might we be able to buy you a beer sometime? Yes but only if I can buy you beers back.
Sent you a PM :) Mind emailing me? [email protected].. my pm box is flooded atm don't wanna miss it.
What does your family think of all this attention? They have just been really supportive. They don't know exactly what to think about it haha.
Has anybody asked you for your autograph yet? Not in person - haven't been recognized or anything. But have gotten a lot of signed picture requests. Haven't gotten around to it yet but planning on getting a stack of pictures printed and mailing them out to anybody who wants them. Problem is paying for postage .. trying to figure that out ;)
Why do have Tefillin in your profile picture? And what ware you doing in the Western Wall? My mother is Jewish and I went on Birthright a couple years back. I went to Israel again this past summer as Taglit staff. I'm not religious but figured it would be fun.
If you could be an extra in any upcoming movie, which would you choose? Upcoming: The Hobbit - huge fan of the LOTR.
If you could be an extra in any past movie, which would you choose and why? Past: Ugh, this is such a difficult one. Cross between The Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, The Dark Knight, Inception, Star Wars (originals), Forrest Gump... so many more do I really have to choose only one?
What's your favorite food? Indian food. It's delicious.. I'm vegetarian (sorry, bacon lovers) and there are just so many options. Aloo matter.. so tasty. Hummus is good. Other than that just a typical lazy college kid Redditor.. basically rotate between pizza and pasta. What are your favorite foods?
Mmmm hummus is yummus! I also love Indian food, curries, spaghetti squash :) oh, and I just made a batch of pitas for the week! We totally have the same food tastes!
Assuming you'll be invited to a red carpet event in the distant future, who are you going to take with you and how are you going to show reddit your appreciation? Maybe I'd take a Redditor with me? Also going to rock a Reddit shirt. As for thanking everyone and showing appreciation, this will be an ongoing process and I haven't fully decided on everything to do yet. If you guys have any requests or ideas of things you want, please contact me. But expect a lot of AMAs, giveaways to Redditors (if I ever get any money - I'm super poor right now), etc. Also going to try to video document EVERYTHING that happens so that you guys could be included in this experience. But again, this is something I still need to think about because don't feel like these things are an appropriate thank you if this leads to a career in film.
Will you be my sons godfather? Sure!
Where are you from? How old are you? and what celebrities have you met as an extra? Pittsburgh PA. 22 years old.
Worked in close proximity to..
Christian Bale.
Tom Hardy.
Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Emma Watson.
Woody Harrelson.
Tom Cruise.
Matt Damon.
Rosemarie DeWitt.
Sara Lindsey.
Logan Lerman.
Johnny Simmons.
Do you plan on looking for movie roles for your cat? YES.
What are your goals and aspirations for the future? Be able to financially support myself with acting.
Finish up my Biology degree.
Use money gained through acting to build a giant shower room. This has been a life goal for a while now. How cool would it be to own a GIANT shower? Jets of water everywhere.. you could walk around and just have an awesome time while showering. Of course I would get some Green engineer to make the water recyle itself and use solar heating so it's eco-friendly.
If I was a figure of public interest I would ultilize it to promote particular causes I support. I would promote space exploration, science education and science in general, gay rights, universal healthcare, net neutrality, etc.
Help individuals.
Find a beautiful awesome wife and have children.
Travel and explore earth a lot more.
I write screenplays and would love to see at least one of them created.
There are probably more but I can't think of them right now.
Please help advocate cyclists' rights! My father is an ex-pro cyclist racer (he raced for a living) and got hit by a car.. twice.. which forced him to retire. So bet your ass I support cyclists' rights.
Has this made you more hopeful as an actor? Or more cynical? Where are you hoping this takes you? All in all I'm more hopeful than I was a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping this leads to a career in film.
Will you go to prom with me? Yes. But depends where I'm currently poor and can't afford plane tickets.
How did your family react to the instant fame? They don't know what to think about it but they have been very supportive.
Did you get to hang out with any of the actors on the set of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Won't Back Down, or Jack Reacher? If so, with who? Where they nice? Yes! I met Matt Damon for the first time taking a piss in a shady basement bathroom. He is mad cool and down to earth. Got to drink in the same room as him and Gus Van Sant which was epic.
Tom Cruise is really nice in person although I barely met him. Johnny Simmons seemed like a pretty cool guy. I gave Rosemarie DeWitt a couple sticks of gum on the set of Promised Land and we talked a bit. Sara Lindsey, although not well known yet, is very talented and just such a nice person.
Where do you plan on watching the premier of "Jack Reacher"? I'm from Pittsburgh and I want to get a bunch of people to go and cheer for you when you make your appearance on screen. It would be so much more awesomer if you were there as well. I don't know yet. But if I'm in Pittsburgh, I'm totally down for something like that. Keep in touch.
Do you think the role of suspicious onlooker has pretty much been mastered?...(example...Gene Wilder pretty much ended the role of Willy Wonka) This decision isn't up to me - it is up to you guys :)
Thanks for taking the time to answer this like 2 days later. :) Answering ALL the questions!
What do you want to come out of all this? Did you have any serious acting aspirations before now? Hopefully a legit career. Yes.. I've wanted to act for a very long time and before this all blew up I have already made the decision to move to LA and pursue acting. Was going to wait until December or January but it looks like I might be moving over there sooner than expected..
Let's cut to the chase. When are you going to do a movie that involves your nudity? That's what we need. Hahaha not opposed to this. Maybe someday.
If you could do a love scene with anyone, who would it be? EMMA WATSON.
What is your favorite fast food place? How are you feeling today, all of this Suspicious Onlooker stuff aside? Chipotle hands down. But am a fan of Sheetz also (if you're not from PA Google it!)
Dream role in a movie? Christian Grey. Seriously. Haters gonna hate.
Or a Villain character.
Do you think anything will come of being internet famous? I honestly don't know.
Would you rather eat 47 chocolate bars or 24 turkeys? All at once? I think 47 chocolate bars is far more realistic than the turkeys. Plus I'm a vegetarian.
Do you think your internet famousness will translate to real world famousness? And also, do you think more people from the internet will see Jack Reacher because of the hype surrounding your promotion to the top of the cast list on IMDB? Thanks for doing this AMA! It might. I don't know - only time will tell. And yes I'd imagine that Paramount is very happy with this free marketing.. otherwise they would have taken me off the top of the cast list manually ;). And no problem expect MANY more AMAs to come! Thank you so much for your questions and support.
If you ever come to Australia (which you will of course, a star like you) Can we meet up and go for a beer? Also do you like beer? YES AND YES.
How exactly did you crash reddit? I don't even understand what happened. No idea but that's crazy that we crashed it twice.
Might totally be out of the blue but, Could you be or become a comedian? For some reason, that's what I think when I see your photo. Maybe that's the part you play in your next sliver screen role!! Anyway, wish you the best of luck rising to the top, boss. We will be watching. I'm unfortunately not funny enough. I'm not trying to be modest but honestly just not that funny. I'm useless without a script ;) And thank you so much for your support.
How many times has Emma Watson called your mobile begging for a date? Approximately 0 times :( In my dreams maybe twice.
Congrats!! I want to get up there too.. any advice? thank you.. Get on set as a PA or extra and talk to people + network!
Be honest. Be honest about everything even brutally so.
Instead of making plans, just do it. Head on over to GetMotivated for help.
Youre number 2 now man! I know isn't that crazy?!?!
I'm a male and I have currently went through an incredibly difficult moment of my life today. Can you give me an internet hug no homo? You can now go down as that suspicious guy who made that other suspicious guy's day. Internet hug *
Hang in there, time heals most wounds.
I saw that the whole movie was filmed in Pittsburgh, PA. I happen to live there, would you consider doing a fan meet-up? Yes this is already in the works just trying to pick a place and location. Any ideas?
Alexander Rhodes, suspiciously onlooking while answering questions. A true master of his craft. ಠ_ಠ.
As a fellow Alex, do well. All Alex's are rooting for you. bro fist pound
swoon <3.
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2012.02.22 07:41 tabledresser [Table] IAmA ordained Hassidic/Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi, AMA

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Date: 2012-02-21
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Questions Answers
What is your favorite joke? God said to him, "Yossel, what is wrong, why are you crying?"
What is your opinion on what's currently going on in Israel, mainly the conflict of Ultra-Orthodox Jews harassing women for being "indecent"? To start off, let me say that I categorically condemn them and this behavior. It is against any sort of metshlichkeit, and is disgusting, and lastly, it is against the torah. there are two parts of halacha, the laws governing man to man, and the laws governing man to god. they both are of equal weight. therefore, if you do not respect other people, then you are no more religious than those you are protesting, your long peyos and black coats edit: notwithstanding.
Why do you guys try to make me put on tefillin in the street? I don't even have a yidden punim, how can you tell? Believe me, you have a yiddishe punim, you really do.
Why do you think that is? What traits seem to tip us off to others? I dunno, really. Its a qualia, I guess.
Only the best part! :)
My Jewish buddy told me that Jews don't believe in hell-- is that accurate and can you explain in more detail what life after death would entail in your belief system? We do not believe in Hell insofar as eternal damnation (with some notable exceptions). We do believe in a period of cleansing, which can be described as hell. Maximum sentence is 12 months (which is why mourners say kaddish for 11 months: in order to appeal on his behalf, but only 11, because we don't want to give the impression that our loved ones were so bad that they got the max sentence) afterwards, heaven for everyone. Non-Jews get to go to heaven if they are good, moral, civil people.
Really? I'm a reform Jew and I've been taught we don't believe in any real after life (hell or heaven), at least in the traditional "angels with wings/fiery pit of hell" way. Although I know that we believe the spirit hovers over the body after we have passed. Isn't that more kabaal kind of stuff to believe in an afterlife? It is more midrashic, and kabbalah speaks about it more. Even if it were to be a "fiery pit of hell" it is a spiritual, not a physical one, and therefore simply the closest analogy, but still far away from what it is. from my understanding, heaven is simply basking in the knowledge and closeness of god, while hell is the knowledge, but distance from god.
Do you or have you ever had any doubt about your faith? Sure, faith is not faith without doubt.
Why does God not want people playing Starcraft on the Sabbath? If we knew, then everyone would be religious, wouldn't they?
I am not jewish. If i convert, am I like, a second-class jew? Seated in coach? Nope, full on jew. there are several specific admonishments in the torah that specify converts as full jews.
You have said elsewhere that you're only jewish if your mother is jewish. Which? Veltan is correct.
A jewish convert once told me that they are closer than jews to god and used the following example to explain: all jews have a rope connecting them to god, a convert had a broken rope since they weren't jewish but since they became jewish the rope is now tied together and a rope with a knot is shorter than the same lenght of rope without a knot. Is there a source for this opinion? There is such a concept, and it also applies to everyone. when you err (as humans do), then that rope gets cut, and when you repent, it gets knotted, and is shorter (obviously all metaphorical) but in short, the greater the challenges overcome to get close to god, the greater it is.
I have a buddy that's basically an athiest, but he can trace his lineage back to Aaron (Moses's brother). He still has to bless people at synagogue. What's up with that? All cohanim can trace it back to Aaron. They are the Jewish Priestly class, and they bless the Jews on Holidays (Sefardim, every day) in the Synagogue. Many Cohanim have identifiable last names, ie. cohen, kahn/kahan, kahane, katz (short for cohen tzedek), kagan, kogan, kahanov, kaganov and many other similar ones. as far as being atheist, and still doing this, that is probably his mother's fault...
People can trace their genealogy, name by name, back to Aaron? All coheins today can at the very least trace their lineage to a confirmed cohein.
Yeah. Apparently he can trace it on both sides, which makes him some sort of "Super Jew"? Although I know it passes through the father, does it help that he can, for lack of a better phrase, do it both ways? It is considered more "cool" to be cohein on both sides, in fact many cohens will specifically marry other coheins. (in fact, even for reg. Jews its cool to marry the "daughter" of a cohein, and in order to marry one, you actually have to prove that you're worthy, usually by learning a full tractate of Talmud)
So my mothers maiden name of "Kohn" puts me into this class? Badass. Does it get me anything special? Money for example... Unfortunately not, Priest is passed via the father. Sorry :( Your identity as a Jew is passed through the mother, but your identity within Judaism is determined by the father.
Ich dank aych zeyer. Shalom! Nishta kein farvass.
Blue hair and blond eyes. I think I know this guy, he's the inspiration behind 398741467 different animes right?? Oopsie.
Have/do you study Kaballah(sp?) at all? I've heard that it is not supposed to be taught to females or non-Jews. Is there any truth to that? 3)tattoos do not keep you from being buried. this is a false urban myth.
Do you feel Hassidic Jews are still sexist? 2) as halachik views, not so much, but some, as a culture verily yes.
Is there truth to the rumor that getting a tattoo keeps you from being buried in a Jewish cemetery? 1) everyday! You cannot teach Torah to Non-Jews in the respect of teaching them how to conduct themselves, (meaning we don't want them to act/become Jewish, because that is not their duty, they have their own rules to get into heaven with) there are many statements in jewish literature/law/talmud etc. that can be interpreted as sexist, and others as empowering women.
Are you a fan of matisyahu's music? Not personally. I like good ol' classical.
A guy that I work with wears a few strands of string from his waist, on his left and right hip. I always thought this was just his belt, but not too long ago I went to an aquarium and saw a school of young Jewish boys and they were all wearing these strings. Do you know what these are called / what they symbolize? They are a commandment in the torah: they are a symbol representing all the other commandements.
Are you affiliated with Chabad at all? I am an ordained Chabad Rabbi, but I am not yet posted.
L'chaim! Lchaim vleivracha, smokesteam!
Interesting. On another note, any recommendation for some Kosher pets I can eat? Goldfish?
Are you a BT or FFB? FFB, of BT parents.
So, I heard that the Jews in Jerusalem have enough supplies in storage that, once the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, they can rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount, and perform sacrifices again, in 6 months. True? I never heard that first bit before. sounds like a conspiracy!
What are your thoughts on the Temple Mount, do you think the Jews will get it back anytime soon? They will get it back when the messiah shows up, however, an arrival of messiah would kind of settle any disputes hanging around (and kind of settle the whole religion issue) so it will only happen with muslims giving it willingly.
Oxford commas everywhere! Just to clarify, "Mom's a jew, you're a jew. No mom, no jew, even if you think you are, or convert or whatever." Yes? Yes.
Wait, what? I thought you said in another comment that converts were full Jews too. Or are you only talking about ethnicity here and not religion? Snowbaboon is correct.
How did you become a Rabbi? Did you have any other career choices? Rabbi!=career It is simply a step in the educational system, believe it or not. Though I plan to be a career Rabbi, if it doesn't work out, I would like to work in the architectural field.
Do you believe someone can reject their faith for their entire life and convert on their deathbed? Do they get a worse seat in heaven if that happens? 3) no idea, we understand it to be a spirtual thing, so you cannot use human terms, but the closest you can get, is the joy of knowledge of the god, and the joy of feeling close and connected. also, in general, you get punished for bad things and get rewarded for the good things, punishments last maximum 12 months, and afterwards everyone goes to heaven.
How come so many Orthodox Jewish men wear glasses? I would like to see studies showing a higher prevalence of eyesight issues among orthodox Jewish males. I think it is simply anecdotal. Though, fun fact, when I was in grade school, I had read a statistic that 1 in 4 americans are nearsighted. I checked the classroom the next day, and it was pretty close.
But why "ultra jew"? Why not any other form? What makes one feel this form of judaism right for you? Why not scientology? Or christianity? is it a comfortability thing? No need for you to be ultra. This is simply what I was raised in, and Judaism places a big emphasis on this aspect. I feel that Chabad hassidism, (while typically branded as ultra, is very different from other hareidim, and is often categorized as a separate path), is the most able to bridge the gap between all the various parts of judaism, both culturally, and in itself, it is a synthesis of the cerebral ritualistic Mitnagdim and the joyous piety of other hassidim, a synthesis of the mind and heart.
Do you ever wonder what your life would be like, lets say if you were raised outside of a judaic family? And do you feel like you ever had an actual choice to remove yourself from this culture without grief or hardship? What advice would you give a growing mind struggling with any religious beliefs, and how to cope with pressure from family and friends? Absolutely. I have struggled with my faith and practice for years, and I do not believe that it will ever stop, as the doubts will always be there, and progress. I have two siblings that are currently atheists, and do not practice at all. Hence, I do not believe that I would have any issues were I to have chosen differently. If you are struggling, I would suggest to think about it, read books, speak to people, and come to a conclusion, though you may never be fully comfortable with any conclusion, but that's alright, too. As far as dealing with friends and family, that is more a personal question, with which you should speak to someone understanding of you and your situation. We emphasize here to always make sure to have friends that will help you and you can turn to, and to also have mentors that can help guide you in life and in religion. If you don't have one, I would suggest getting one.
How do you feel about Messianic Jews? is it possible to really be one? You can be one, but it is not Jewish beliefs.
So is it not recognized as a part of the Jewish faith? No, it is considered entirely Christian.
More like gen-x retard. Oy vey.
Gut morgn, a sheynem dank, du kenst Yiddish? Zicher, avadeh. s'iz shoin ovent duh in NYC.
I know I'm getting at this late but maybe you'll see it. I've never been to New York, but I hope to go someday. I'd really like to visit the Ohel and 770--Is it possible to go into 770? Maybe see the Rebbe's office? Could I take a tour or something? There are tours, i think jewishtours.com or something. google it.
I'd also like to visit/daven in the shul, but I'd be a bit wary because of the Tzfatis/Yechi types. I read what you say about the Meshicists being a dying breed, but what do you think should be done about all the troublemakers (fighting, etc) in 770 recently? As algenib says, the meshis are a minority, and eventually you either laugh at them or just ignore them. but it is depressing what they have done to us.
Where are you based, out of curiosity? This is a complicated question, perhaps more details as to your questioning can help me better answer.
Where are you geographically situated at this present time? That was really my question. But I guess now that you ask - are you planning on going anywhere in particular to perform any particular duties? If so, where? I am right now, ATM in NYC, this is a temp place, have not yet decided where to go.
Do you roll on Shabbos? I roll, just not on wheels.
Am I allowed to ask what borough? Brooklyn, duh.
He's talking about ecstasy. 1) one must follow the law of the land 2) medicine (and obviously other "herbs") are prohibited on Shabbos, unless medically necessary.
I don't understand this. I see a lot of orthodox smoking, for example, and that somehow doesn't constitute purposely damaging the body god is lending you? There is a commandment "guard your life" (word also applies to body) which means that one must be safe, also, in general, philosophically, we treat the body as if it were not our own, but rather on loan from god, therefore, it must be taken care of. so, why so much smoke? well, for 200 years before the knowledge of its dangers were known, it was considered safe, or even healthy (i remember an old hassid saying, well, if you want meat to get preserved and last long, you smoke it, so I smoke to preserve me for long life). Once the dangers became known, why did it not then become forbidden? well, there is another two concepts: 1) issur shedarass boi rabim, basically, if "everyone is doing it" then the rabbis tend to try to find a loophole for them, because even if prohibited, people will do it anyways, and we don't want to give the title to them as "irreligious" or "bad," so we look for a way to help them, so this was done, I don't remember offhand what the legal loophole became (probably something along the lines that no individual cigarette is dangerous) 2) shmoer pesaim hashem (psalms, around 115/116) lit. "god protects idiots"
"1) issur shedarass boi rabim, basically, if "everyone is doing it" then the rabbis tend to try to find a loophole for them, because even if prohibited, people will do it anyways, and we don't want to give the title to them as "irreligious" or "bad," so we look for a way to help them, so this was done, I don't remember offhand what the legal loophole became (probably something along the lines that no individual cigarette is dangerous)" Mabye the problem is using that kind of language ("irreligious \ bad") is fairly heavy handed and if they used different words ("in violation of the law" perhaps), then there would be less feelings of defensiveness and justification to try find a loophole. Then again, mabye you should care more about actually following the law than worrying about what people say about you. Why should a loophole try to be found in the first place? This seems to be a major issue - you are knowingly damaging your body, in violation of gods will, end of story. I understand that it wasn't known 200 years ago, but then again, no one smoking today was born 200 years ago before this knowledge was known. How can anyone be so self righteous about the following the law ("ultra" orthodox - though please keep in mind I am not directing this at you) and yet still try to wiggle your way out of this? This idea is something that applies to everything, not just cigarettes. it is a blanket rule applied to a lot of things. its not something that was cooked up to find loopholes in order to allow something, its a rule that people (as a whole) are righteous, (vamech kulam tzadikim) therefore if they are doing something (as a whole), it is proof that it isn't so bad (in most cases), and God's will, and it is simply up to us to find out why or under which rubrik this is the case. it is a "chaf zechus" (err on the side of judging favorably, especially to a large number of people) If you were, however, to ask a Rabbi, is it permissible for me to begin smoking, he will tell you, no. (for the opposite reason, if something is bad for you, even if it is "legal" for others, then they will try to find a "loophole" to ban it for you) (another example where this is used, a very prominent one, all these irreligious people must be going against god's will, but because there are so many, we found loopholes thats says that its ok, too. but nevertheless, we still would like for them to be religious, and provide the opportunity.)
The idea the "if enough people are doing it, it must be ok and we just have to figure out how to justify it" doesn't strike you as a cop out? Lots of jews intermarry - (50% of american jews at this point if I remember correctly) - can you justify that? What are the critieria for "in most cases" ? Rabim shedarash bo issur (as I also mentioned, if you were to ask a rabbi, they will prohibit), is once you are doing it, we will go to any length possible to make them "not liable under the law."
Do you follow all the Old Testament laws? As much as practically applicable, as determined through proper interpretation, as set forth in a book called "shulchan aruch"
What are your views on us and Catholicism? Catholicism is good for Catholics.
Have any interesting interactions in NYC? Interactions with Christians in NYC? not so much, I am a neophyte here. I had more interactions with other faiths in Asia, I had observed the Church having a parade/funeral reenactment eastelent time. it was interesting.
Are they any Ultra-Orthodox communities outside of big cities? However, due to our culture, and history, monks are probably the scariest thing for me.
Outside of the New York City area? There are many of us outside US, though most in major cities. The largest communities (aside from tristate) are Miami, LA, Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto.
Why do some Jews (Hassadim, I think) wear clothes from the 16th century? Minhag, or community (or even family) centric customs are very important in judaism, and get passed down to the next generations. to many it stretches even to the clothing, hence the dress.
Have you read any Shalom Auslander? If so what do you think of his work? Nope, what did he write?
Who are you voting for this year? Obama, of course!
I was raised in a reform household. I am no longer a believer, and if asked about my religious affiliation, would call myself an atheist. However, I still identify strongly with Jewish culture. Do you have an opinion regarding people like myself? Do you think of us as less Jewish? You're 100% jewish in Orthodox books. that fact is unaffected by creed or actions, for better or for worse. Obviously, as an orthodox person, I think it would be better for you to believe, but we are not in the business of telling you what to do either (most of us anyways), we simply provide the opportunity to.
I am a reform jew, I was Bar Mitzvah'd and confirmed. About the time I was confirmed I was struggling with the faith and eventually by the time i was done I had decided i was an athiest. I was given a Torah with my name on it by my Rabbis at the service as a kind of award for being an outstanding student, which i found funny because I always thought they considered me an argumentative asshole. I am very appreciative of my religious studies because I was encouraged to question my faith and use critical thought, I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for my Rabbi's. But here I am 5 years later, no longer am athiest, but not observant and very out of touch with my religion. I don't think I need prayer or congregational services to have a relationship with god but i do want to understand him and this reality more. I have the Zohar and it is frankly difficult to wrap my head around. I understand the concept that god reveals himself only so much at the different levels of sephirot. How can i reacha a level of awareness where i can understand god or bathe in his light? For me psychedelics have opened the door to discovering god. Is studying the only way to reveal his true nature? Are my psychedelic expereinces a false glimpse into his nature? It is always interesting to hear other people's paths. each different and fascinating. (there are some who say that kabbalists used hashish to achieve a broader understanding etc) The zohar and other pure kabbalistic texts can be very complicated, (even for me, I can't read the zohar straight), however, chabad chassidut is supposed to be the synthesis of the rational and supra-rational. i would suggest you get a tanya (chabad.org has a good library with translations and explanations), and use that. it also has a lot of other good content (including some trippy stuff)
What your studies included? To become a Rabbi, or in general?
To become a rabbi. So, first off, when studying to be Rabbi within Chabad, it is understood that you have lived the life, and attended Yeshiva for seven years or so (yeshiva is school from 9th grade through 20 yrs old, with a daily shcedule of 7:30am-9:30pm (total of 2 1/2 hours of breaks in there), and that is before any mandatory extra-curricular studies) After having done that, it takes about a year of studies. We study laws pertaining to, salting an animal after slaughter, what to do when meat and milk get mixed togther, what to do when kosher and non-kosher get mixed, and then laws of sabbath (or some other related topic). really. its all about shabbos and kashrus.
Is swallowing cum kosha? It is not treyf, but not recommended for Jews.
That's what I'd heard as well. I want to confirm this one though: I've heard that it's totally OK for a man to perform oral sex on his wife, and possibly encouraged, due to the fact that many women cannot orgasm solely through penetration and that men are commanded to sexually pleasure their wives and that anything that strengthens the marital relationship (of which sexual pleasure is a major one) is good, so while fellatio is discouraged, cunnilingus is encouraged. Is this true? AFAIK, it is quite explicitly discouraged. :(( However, perhaps in individual cases, it may be encouraged, this to my knowledge, is not widespread (ie never heard of one)
I find the reasoning behind certain rules and traditions fascinating. Why is this act not recommended for Jews? We are against wasting sperm. masturbation is out. :( although, not living, it is considered potential life, and therefore, not to be trifled with. though, interestingly, there is no specific prohibition in the torah against it. we derive it from the story of judah and tamar.
What is the theory or purpose behind eating kosher? Real reason? god said so.
How did you get involved with reddit? I got involved by following the memes back to their sources, (but will not move over to the chans, it's too close to the source) I came over specifically by following the blog thedailywh.at, and as they got bought by cheezburger, I started losing interest, and anyways noticed that his best content came from reddit (especially the askreddit threads), and also the supposed "nice people of the internet" reputation that redditors gained (like the 90 yr old vet's b-day)
Why was it such a big deal that Matisyahu cut his beard? Was that a sin? According to chabad it is, however, he had left chabad a while back (joined karlin stolin), however, it is a very striking outwards statement that he no longer identifies as a hassidic, which while not in it of itself very much a big deal (for the wider community, obviously on a personal level it is a big deal) it is simply the fact that because he was famous, he was "an ambassador for hassidism" and the cutting of a beard was a sign that he was no longer. (and for non-hassids, it was a big deal, b/c that was his identity, the hassidic rapper, and any famous person who changes their identity publicly, its going to be a big deal)
So what sin is shaving your beard and why don't all jews consider it a sin? From that picture you posted it looks like you trim so I assume that's ok but how short can you trim before sinning? I have trichotillomania, which is why it looks trimmed, (and in the blacked out part, its bare, and ugly, which is why i blocked my chin). feels bad, man. In judaism halacha is very much decentralized, and often goes by your personal community and minhag (customs). without getting into technical details and hairsplitting, there is a commandment in the torah "do not destroy your beard" and there is a debate as to whether it means only shaving, or any type of destruction, including trimming. for the record, most non-bearded orthodox jews will not use a razor, but rather an electric shaver that doesn't cut too close.
What do you think of the current hostilities between Israel and Iran? I am a religious "leader" (of nothing), not a politician/strategist.
More specifically, what you think of Israeli pressure on the US to either support an Israeli attack on Iran and/or launch a US attack on Iran? I do personally believe that an ascendant Iran is dangerous to Israel.
I have a question on your opinion of accepting converts from other jewish denominations. In previous questions you have said that you accept converts as full Jews, however, does this depend on what type of synagogue they convert in? Would you be less likely to accept a reform convert as a full Jew? What about conservative? Or, perhaps, is it less about the denomination and more about the process they go through? This is a very good question. In short we do not accept from reform or conservative. let me explain. 1) jewishness is determined by mother. your mother is jewish, you are jewish, no matter your beliefs, creed or actions, for better or for worse. 2) coverts are full jews as above, and their descendants are as jewish as me or moses. A country, USA, for example. All people born in the US are American, and all their descendants are as well. You can be right wing or left wing, communist or terrorist, you can hate America and want it destroyed etc etc. your beliefs and actions do not change your identity. However, to become American, one must learn and do certain things. Including, for example, know the constitution, not having been criminal, and speak English. (even though many americans do not know these , and it is not required, it is required to gain citizenship) why? (the answer to this question is the answer to why the differentiation between actions of jews and requirements of converts. further, why not reform or conservative? here, If a member of the agency that grants citizenship decides that these requirements are no longer necessary (for whatever reason, valid or not), and grants citizenship without the specified requirements and without approval of his seniors, is the citizenship valid? (this is an analogy, I do not know what American law will do in that situation) does this help? or is that confusing?
Were Jews expelled/exiled from Israel in the first century of the common era? This book I am reading http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1844676234/ref=oh_o00_s00_i01_details says the scholarship on the subject says there was no expulsion. Which means the Jews who emigrated into Israel after WWII were descended from people who voluntarily left Israel. Not to argue the subject of Jews being entitled to current day Israel, do current day Jews believe their people were expelled from Israel by the Romans way back when? As many scholarly works that contend that the Jewish people were not expelled, there is much more evidence, and overwhelmingly the consesus of historians, that the Jewish people were taken as slaves by the Romans (though not all of them)
Do you think Reform Jews should be allowed to call themselves Jews? Reform jews are full jews, as long as their mothers were (because reform also accepts children of jewish fathers, which we don't).
Where do you stand personally on the Rebbe/Moshiach issue? I am against it.
I'd actually be interested in a more detailed opinion. Why do you think it's gained the traction it has within the Lubavitcher movement? What do you see as the long-term effects? Will there ever be another Lubavitcher Rebbe? Will there be a split in the community (maybe half of you can move to Kiryas Joel...)? It gained traction by reading some ambiguous statements funny, and taking things meant as a "vort" (hard to explain what that means) as a literal. That taken together with the hype of an imminent redemption led to some odd conclusions. long term, the messianics are a dying breed throughout most of the world. nope. no one good enough. (or related) The community is hopelessly split, over this, and many other issues. but won't actually fracture (think of the right-left split in US, the views change, but they remain divided, but won't actually split)
Conservative Jew here. If your'e ultra-orthodox, do you live in Israel or somewhere else. If somewhere else, how often do you go to Israel? I live in USA, I have been to Israel three times. (once for a family wedding)
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